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 McKenzie Brown

This example is really interesting to think about. If the Dao were defending the city, tensions would be a lot higher for all of the Dao citizens and probably for the Named as well. There may not have even been an uprising by the named either in fear that if they overthrew the Dao that they would be stuck fighting an even more powerful nation that was trying to invade against the Dao. Curfews and guard duty would also most likely be more strictly enforced, so Kai's relationship with Rat might not have developed as much, if at all, without the freedom to run the rooftops.

Madison Overholser

I believe that if the Dao were forced to defend the city from an invasion that it would not only modify but transform the story. This change in the plot would modify the story by creating additional sympathy and connection to the Dao's vs. having them be the antagonists of the story. It would also transform the stories "take away" or message from the identity crises of the characters to more of a story about the power of being the dominant culture and the disparity between the majority and the minority privileges.

Jeanette Betancourt

I agree with Madison, I think it would change the story and it would take away the focus about Rat and Kaidu and it would have a different ending as well because the would probably not have the same relationship anymore. That means if the Dao were defending from an invasion more characters would be added to the book and the city would not know what to do, and maybe the name of the city would change as well.

Matt Herbert

It is interesting to think about how a modification of a story can transform it. I agree with the posts above that if the story was modified in that the Dao had to defend the city from an invasion by another “Great Nation,” there may be a transformation in the character development. The story, as it is, focuses on the relationships between Kai, Rat, and their individual relationship to the city. If the story was modified to the example above, the relationship between Kai and Rat may play out differently. If The Nameless City is turned into an TV animation series, it will be interesting to see how the story is modified and transformed.

Mack Little

I think that if the Dao were defending the city against an attack from another Great Nation, the indigenous would join them in battling and they would all come together as on whole nation. There would be no more inner issues.

Kamalei P.

I agree with Madison and Jeanette as well, where it would change the plot of the story and alter the the ‘take away’ message from it all. Especially when Kaidu and Rat are the main characters and most of what we get from the story comes from those two and I also agree that the name may be different as well.

 McKenzie Brown

I really like Mack's idea of the Dao and Named joining forces to fight against the other Great Nations and unifying their country. Do you think that Rat and Kaidu would still be the main characters? Would they be the ones to bring the two groups together?

John Stone

I feel like pressure in the city would be extremely high if the Dao were defending the city from an invasion. However, I don't believe that the indigenous citizens would try and fight back as much. They seem to be used to the idea that nations are always conquering the city, so it might not be as dangerous or critical for them. There would be different events and characters that could shape the story differently as well.


I think if the Dao were currently at war the story would change a lot. I think if this was the case it would have been a lot harder for Kai and rat to form the relationship they did. There would be a stronger distinction between the dao and named, and I imagine the school would also be a lot more strict. I also think that in this situation the way that the general of all blades would also act very differently. The way that we see him in the book now paints him in a very nice light, but this might not be the case if his land was being currently caught over.

Moe Tobiyama

I think it's interesting example. If the Dao were defending the city from an invasion, people in the city would still have the complaints with them unless the Dao would change their system to cooperate with citizen more and more. Even if they beat the war, it'll be happened again. I think if they were defending the city, the story would be back to the start.

Sam Combs

Another way it might be modified is if the Named were the ones actually fighting back or even with more power than the Dao. If the Dao fell apart and the Named grew strong and conquered. Maybe they would fight other nations, but they conquer those nations instead of the nations fighting over them.

Jonathon Watt

One of the things that I saw in this thread was that the named would help defend the city and I feel that it might not be true. I think that the named would not fight against anyone because they do not like when someone is ruling over them. I think that most of them would hide indoors or seek shelter in the stone heart.

Christian Hammerich

I agree with mack. I feel that the people would feel more inclined to fight along side the Dao if they were defending the city and it also might solve some inner problems the two groups of people have with each other.

Maria Regalado

most of my classmates have very interesting points and the way they think it could be modified. i believe that it would be really interesting on seeing the entire town as one nation and fighting all together as one community

Grecia Diaz

I agree with the first few comments where it would change the plot of the story therefore the meaning meaning of the plot would be altered and it would not be the same.

Emily Miller

I think that the story would have an interesting twist if the Dao were defending the city from being taken over by another entity. I think that if this new twist were the case, the natives may like the Dao a little bit more, but not necessarily like their presence in the city. If the Dao decided to treat the natives as equals, I think that the natives would like them more. However, if the new people trying to takeover were worse the the Dao, I tho k that the natives wouldn't necessarily mind the Dao staying in charge.

halie korff

When the General of All Blades was talking to Rat it really seemed like that was his intention, was to defend the people from another invasion not to seem as invaders. but I think if that was the case things would be so much smoother, i also believe that was what Kai's dad kinda wanted to go for. there would be so much more peace if the Dao didn't leave the named impoverished and in the dirt.

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